Past Shows

Paul Kelly and Neil Finn ‘Songlines’

Monday 25 April 2011

Neil Finn is one of those brilliant songwriters that we Aussies like to claim as being our own. However, the glory of Neil Finn unfortunately belongs to New Zealand along with the likes of the Pavlova and The Lord of the Rings Film.

While it’s true we are guilty of embellishing more than our fair share from our Kiwi neighbours. Paul Kelly, on the other hand is a bone fide national treasure and there is no man who captures the collective heart of this country more than Kelly.
What cannot be disputed is that Neil Finn and Paul Kelly have both emerged among the most celebrated and loved musicians of modern times. Over the last 30 years and more, these two gifted singer songwriters have built unique musical legacies for Australian, NZ and international audiences alike.
Red Hill Proudly presents SONGLINES, featuring Neil Finn and Paul Kelly, and special guests Lior and Ben Merito, performing this ANZAC Day Holiday, Monday 25th April.