Red Hill Express


You can purchase Red Hill Express tickets up until midday the day before the show here.
After this time you can still purchase shuttle tickets if they are available by calling Buswest on (08) 9395 4444.

If you have a problem or you think your bus is running late please call the Red Hill Express Helpline on 9395 4422.

This is the best way in and out of the venue. Pre-party at your local pub before jumping on the Red Hill Express bus.

Buses depart 1 hour prior to gates from each pub.

The buses leave 20 minutes after the show, so head straight back to your bus which will be at the same location as when you got off. They have priority exit so no matter what the traffic is like you’ll be out and back to your local before you know it.


Coaches will be leaving a local pub near you to take you to the concert.

40% to 70% of people who come to the auditorium use the bus service as a testimony to how cool it is.
Join the majority and grab the bus.
It gives you a chance to catch up with the crew from your own neighbourhood who love the same acts, and lets you partake in the pre-gig banter, as well as being able to have a few drinks on the night.
In the interests of road safety and reducing our environmental impact we’ve made sure that taking the shuttle bus is easier than driving.
Here’s how:
Instead of having to wait at some street corner or train station, each pickup point is from your local pub where they have comfy chairs, serve cold drinks and delicious food.
Most buses go direct, so once you’re on you go straight to the venue without stopping.
Buses have express entry in and out of the venue so you can watch everyone else  stuck in traffic as you drive by.
It’s cheap.
And you’re supporting your local pub.
Buses leave 20 minutes after the end of the show.
Please be punctual as unfortunately we can’t have people waiting on the bus for late arrivals as one of the big benefits of catching the bus is a quick exit.
Please note!
Just like any form of public transport you have to be on the bus before it leaves as it will depart on time to keep on schedule.
We suggest you make your way to the bus 10 minutes before the departure time.
We try our best to get everyone a seat, but it doesn’t always work out that way as we’re also trying to keep it affordable for everyone.
If having a seat is really important to you then make sure you get on early so you get one.
If you are elderly or have a disability then normal courtesy rules apply – the other passengers are required to stand to give you their seat.
Under age and want to catch the Red Hill Express?

If you’re under 18 and want to go to an all ages gig at Red Hill please let your parents know there will be a supervisor on the bus.
Seats at the front of the bus will be reserved only for the under age patrons.
Shuttle buses wait outside these venues so you can jump on.
Best thing to do would be to get your mate or parent to drop you off at your shuttle location.
Then they can pick you up after the gig from the same spot! EASY!

Red Hill Map without Saint