People often call the venue looking for answers to the same questions.

It’s most likely we can answer the question for you before you go to the trouble of emailing us, so………


Will there be door sale tickets at the gate?
Check the event page on show day to see if there are tickets still available at the door.
This is published on the day of the show under the event page.

I didn’t get a confirmation email from the ticketing company.
Contact OZTIX on 1300 762 545 or email info@oztix.com.au and they can assist you.

I have lost my tickets. What should I do?
Call OZTIX on 1300 762 545 or email info@oztix.com.au and ask for them to re-issue the ticket.

Should I drive or catch the bus?
We’d prefer you to catch the bus, so we’ve made it as easy and accessible to bus ticket holders as we can.
For example:
• Most buses are ‘express’ so there is no stops along the way.
• Buses have priority entry in and out of the venue so you won’t be stuck in a traffic queue.

We have heaps of parking bays as well as an overflow parking area we use for the really big shows.
Parking is free if there are 4 or more people in the car.
If there is less than 4, there is a $20 charge per car with all the money collected going to the Gidgegannup Sports Association.
Please have the correct change ready for when you arrive.
If you don’t have 4 people in the car and want to avoid the $20 parking charge head to the carpooling tab on the home page and ask around to see if there is anyone who needs a lift to make up the numbers.

Motorbikes and scooters
We’re trying to reduce our environmental impact so we encourage you to head up on your motorbike or scooter.
Parking  is free if you’re ‘biking’ it up.

Car pooling
Whether you want to a grab a lift with someone from your neighborhood or are driving and have a spare spot, head to the carpooling tab on the home page to see who may be looking for a lift or who has a seat going in their car.

Getting dropped off
If you’re getting dropped off we highly recommend you do it at the loop road at the bottom of the driveway.
It ensures an easy drop off for the driver and it’s only a short pleasant stroll up to the auditorium.
Same on the way out – meet at the loop road.
There is a sign which says ‘DROP OFF HERE’ on your right as soon as you turn in from Toodyay Road.

Taxi Service
If you’re catching a taxi please make sure you organize one prior to your arrival to Red Hill Auditorium.
Unfortunately phone coverage can be a little stretched on the bigger gigs and there is no public telephone for a taxi service.

Acceptable forms of ID for entry into the venue

After July 1, 2014, the following documents can be accepted by an authorized person to prove age in circumstances where they suspect a person is a juvenile:

  • A current Australian driver’s license with photograph;
  • A current passport;
  • A current Australian learner’s driver permit with photograph;
  • WA Proof of Age Card;
  • Proof of Age card or equivalent issued in an Australian state or territory;
  • A current WA Photo Card;
  • A current NSW Photo Card;
  • A Photo Card issued by any Australian state or Territory similar to the NSW/WA Photo Card.

Is there a queue to get in and out?
Not if you are catching the bus as there is priority entrance in and out of the venue.
If you are driving getting in is generally okay but as everyone leaves at the same time getting out can get congested and there can be up to a 40 minute wait.
To avoid this you have 2 options:
• Catch the bus
• We keep the bar and food stalls open for an hour after the gig so you can just sit back and enjoy the view while you wait for the traffic to clear.

It’s the day before the event and the shuttle bus tickets are no longer on sale. Can I still buy a shuttle bus ticket?
We need to close off the sale of the shuttle tickets just before the show so we can organize the right amount of buses to come and get you.
You may be able to buy a shuttle bus ticket on show day at a shuttle bus pick up point if there are any left.
Presale ticket holders are admitted onto the bus first.

How long after the end of the concert do the buses leave?
20 minutes. Please make sure you’re on the bus by then as they will leave on time.
We can’t have everyone on the bus waiting for people as one of the major benefits of catching the bus is a quick exit.

Is everyone guaranteed a seat on the bus?
Some people may have to stand.
We try our best to ensure everyone a seat, but we also have to keep it economical.
Normal courtesy rules apply for elderly, disabled or pregnant people.
If you really want a seat just get to the bus a bit earlier to make sure you get one.

Can I catch the shuttle bus up and buy a door sale ticket then if its not sold out?
Yeah, that’s a great idea!
Please see the question above for how you can do that.

Waiting for your shuttle bus, what do you do?
Head into the venue, emails will be sent out to everyone letting you know what special deals are on offer at your shuttle pick-up point.
Also please don’t hang in the car park drinking at the hotels before you get picked up.
It could get you in trouble with the hotels security and anyway and anyway you could be missing out on awesome company inside!

Help! I’m waiting for the bus and it’s late!
Call Buswest direct on 08) 9395 4444

Is there an ATM on site?
Yes there is but it can be very slow due to the remote location.
You’re best off bringing enough cash for the night.

Is there grass in the auditorium?
No, it’s a limestone auditorium so bring a small cushion no larger than 50 by 50cm for your toosh if you are the sit-down type.

Is smoking permitted?
Yes,  as the auditorium is outdoors we allow smoking. The smoking area is located in the top half of the auditorium.  However, we do ask that you are considerate of those around you. If you notice the people around you are uncomfortable with your smoking or someone asks you not to light up please just move to the top of the auditorium.

Under 18’s area
We have a dedicated area for children between the ages of 15 and 18.
The area has full access to food vendors, soft drinks, toilets and first aid.
While you can’t get right down the front you still have an uninterrupted view of the stage to enjoy the show.
The venue is only 50 meters deep so everyone can get a good view

Can I bring a chair to events advertised as unreserved seating directly on the terrace steps?
No, you cannot bring a chair of any kind. You may bring a small cushion for comfort that is no larger than 50 by  50cm.

But I am elderly/sick/pregnant and I will need a proper chair to sit on.
That’s fine, we will make an exception for you, but you’ll have to sit at the back where you won’t impede another patrons view.

Can I bring a picnic rug?
No, because people use them to stake out space at the expense of others trying to find a place to sit.

What else should I bring?
Bring a cardy for the cool evenings and a small cushion if you want to.

Is it okay to wear high heels?
There are 37 limestone tiers and while it’s amazing and exciting to watch a band from, it’s hell in heels!

Can I bring BYO food and drink?
The venue is fully licensed and has a good selection of food and coffee.
If you have a food allergy we do allow you to bring small amounts of soft-packed food carried in a backpack or a green shopping bag.
We DO NOT allow people to attend with big picnic set ups or eskies because there is not enough room.
Strictly NO BYO beverages of all kinds.

Can I bring in sealed bottles of water?
No, But we do have FREE water available at the bar. You may bring an empty container to fill if you want to.

Can I see a copy of the menu?
Sorry, no, as the food changes from gig to gig depending on the type of concert it is.

But I have a gluten intolerance/life threatening food allergy.
You are welcome to bring a small amount of soft-packed food as per your special requirements. No eskies or picnic baskets.

I am 17 and want to attend a licensed concert with my 19 year old brother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend. Does this count as attending with a legal guardian because he/she is over 18?
Under the liquor licensing act, NO it doesn’t.
You have to come with a mum or dad.

I have child under 10/small infant. Can you make an exception for me to bring my child to a concert that has been advertised as admitting children 10+?
Concerts are to loud and run to late if you’re a kid.
No we cannot make exceptions for you as that would void the point of the policy as well as being unfair to the other patrons.

I want to purchase an extra ticket under the companion card program. How do I do this?
You simply purchase one ticket the same way as everyone else and bring your companion along with the companion card and we will let you in on the one ticket.
For seated events please call OZTIX direct 1300 762 545.
We also offer pre-show entry to patrons with disabilities.
Please go straight to the front of the queue to gain entry before gates open to the general public.

I want to make a complaint/offer feedback about something. How do I do that?
You can email us at office@redhillauditorium.com.au

I have lost something at the concert. How do I contact the lost property department?
We don’t have a lost property department but we might pick up your lost item.
You can email us a description of your lost item at office@redhillauditorium.com.au. Please include your phone number and address.

Do you allow PASSOUTS at the venue?
No. Passouts are generally not allowed.

If the answer you are looking for is not here then please go ahead and email us on office@redhillauditorium.com.au. You can expect an answer within 24hrs Monday to Friday. This email is manned on show days and you will get a reply within the hour.